A Monday thought for you

Your best is right on!

Your best is right on!

  • Ask for feedback!
  • Look for ways to be better!
  • Constantly innovate and improve!

Common advice.  You’ve heard it too.

We are inspired by learning, new ideas and behaviors that seem to work very well for other people we admire.

Yet recently, I was struck with a thought – What if, instead of being on the hamster wheel of improvement for everything, I go all out on the behaviors I naturally excel at now?!  Logic, common sense prevails!

And with that, I’m making a simple change in my thinking and doing.  I will do more of, and capitalize on, what I already do well.  Perhaps if we all do something similar, we’ll arrive at a natural state of achievement, where everyone is maximizing their inherent greatest potential!  Kind of like more is exponentially, more!

Author: Terri Pierce

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