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Just when you feel you have a good handle on a subject, like say wine, an experience comes along that peaks your interest, reminds you the world is bigger than you thought, and there’s so much more to experience.  That’s exactly what happened when I opened my weekly wine newsletter from Elie Boudt at Elie Wine Company.  Now I get many fascinating wine tidbits from Elie, but as I scanned this particular newsletter my attention was grabbed by:

Selden Standard….. five-course dinner……..paired with Jean-François Bourdy‘s exciting wines from the eastern French mountainous region of Jura………….Jura is home to Vin Jaune…… rarest of all French wines……flavor comes from ………. partially filled wooden barrel …. minimum of six years. ……… Jean-François is bringing a special treat ……. past vintages.

Jura? I know about Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Alsace, but Jura?  I’d never heard of it.  Hmmmmmmmm, now this sounds like a wonderful experience – dinner at Selden Standard and rare French wines!   And indeed, it was.  A few of my personal favorite wine and food pairings:

  • Cremant du Jura – a bit of bubbly to start and draw the guests into the promise of the evening.
  • Cotes du Jura “Savagnin” 2009 & Selden Standard’s Duck Sausage – quite the pairing.  A dry, fragrant white paired with the rich duck.
  • Cotes du Jura Vin Jaune 2006 & Selden Standard’s Grilled Trout.  The fish was wonderful, but the yellow Vin Jaune won my heart.  Dry and rich, spicy and fruity – pure elegance in a bottle!  The process for making Vin Juane wines is so unique.  The wine stays in the barrel for 6 years, 3 months and is never topped up.  By the time the wine is bottled, only 62% of the wine remains.  The Savagnin grape, the aged barrels and the oxidation process all contribute to the final product.
  • A finale of the evening was a tasting of a 1947 Chateau Chalon Vin Jaune.  What a treat!

Throughout the evening Jean Francois Bourdy visited tables, talking about his family’s wine making process, the climate of Arlay, France and how he cooks with the wine at his home.  He recommended trying the wines with “Saucisse de Morteau” typical of the Jura region.

A few other facts rounding out this fascinating wine and the family that makes it:

  • Domaine Jean Bourdy – Jura has been making wine since 1500
  • 14 generations of Bourdy’s have made vin jaune wines
  • The current generation of wine makers live in the family home build on the land in 1500
  • The domaine has been bio-dynamic since 2006

I hope this sparks your interest and taste buds to try this fascinating wine. Elie Wine Company may have a few bottles of Domaine Jean Bourdy wines available.  Or you can check with your local wine purveyor.

Cheers ~ Here’s to continuing our education about more fascinating wines around the world and eating at incredible restaurants! Sign up for Elie Wine Company’s newsletter so you are in the know of these unique wine experiences.

Domain Jean Bourdy Whites

Domaine Jean Bourdy Whites

Jean Francois Bourdy in the family cellar

Jean Francois Bourdy in the family cellar

Domaine Jean Bourdy Rouge

Domaine Jean Bourdy     Rouge


Jean Francois Bourdy & their Cremant

Jean Francois Bourdy & their Cremant

2006 Vin Jaune

2006 Vin Jaune

Author: Terri Pierce

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